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We are committed to being technology and vendor neutral. Our experts will always work with clients to propose the best solution for their specific economic, environmental and stakeholder requirements.
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Our Geothermal Solutions

We have been pioneering geothermal heat exchange systems since 2000. Whatever the property type, be it a new-build residential block or hospital or an existing university campus, we can offer an appropriate solution. Low-to-zero-carbon options, these systems require minimal maintenance, and will deliver highly energy-efficient heating and cooling.

How does it work? Simply, we treat the ground like a battery. In winter we extract warmth, and in summer, we recharge the ground with the building’s excess heat, to provide cooling. The temperature of the ground below 6 feet remains constant year-round, and reflects the average air temperature. Loops through which a liquid is circulated are installed to enable this simple transfer of heat either to or from the ground.


These are the most common types of geothermal heat exchange system:

Geothermal types

To provide the most economically viable system, we do not aim to manage ‘peak’ heating and cooling needs. To do so would require an over-sized system. Instead we manage the base heating and cooling loads, then ensure peaks are met through the integration of other sustainable energy generation methods such as solar PV and battery storage or CHP.