Our Technologies & Expertise

We are committed to being technology and vendor neutral. Our experts will always work with clients to propose the best solution for their specific economic, environmental and stakeholder requirements.
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Our CHP/Cogeneration Solutions

Referred to interchangeably as Combined Heat & Power (CHP) or cogeneration, this technology is a lower-carbon solution than coal. The engines run off gas and provide reliable and resilient on-site electricity generation with thermal energy capture. We integrate CHP/cogeneration with renewables for microgrids, and build and refurbish stand-alone plants, offering complete Energy Service Agreement packages with third-party funding where required.

Part of our strength with CHP/cogeneration is our deep understanding of what will work for each clients’ specific circumstances, and integration with building controls and automation. Whether that’s cost-effective heating and cooling as the priority for a municipal detention facility, or resilient power for critical equipment for acute care hospitals, our team assesses needs with stakeholders to propose the optimum solution.


• We have a cogeneration portfolio of over 32.6 MW. Our clients avoid 7 million MMBtu/year natural gas and electric consumption for heating and cooling and reduce NOx by 63 tons/year.

• Efficiencies of up to 80% can be achieved, double the average of the grid.

A classic cogeneration plant set up: CHK