Brainpower for better power.

The diversity of the team’s backgrounds and experiences are critical to our varied solutions. We combine technical expertise with creative problem-solving and development flair with rigorous project management.

Executive Management

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"20th Century infrastructure created a legacy of energy poverty, climate change and unreliable power. As those creaking systems are replaced with more sustainable & economically viable solutions, GI Energy is proud to be pioneering the transition and playing a small part in this critical journey."

Tom Chadwick

Chief Executive Officer

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"Our team of experts and bespoke integrated technical solutions, partnered with Shell’s strategic growth aspirations for renewable energy projects, create unique and unparalleled results for our clients and partners."

Libby Edgar

Chief Financial Officer

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"I help the team to overcome challenges of implementing the many innovative solutions we develop for our clients in the safest, most cost effective way."

Dan McDevitt

Chief Operations Officer

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“As the - exciting but fraught - energy transition requires us to re-engineer the world’s energy economy to help preserve the environment for future generations, I’m proud our team and partners at Shell are creating a vision for leadership in the space.”

Dave Yanni

Chief Development Officer

Our team of experts and integrated technical solutions, partnered with Shell’s aspirations for renewable energy projects, create unique and unparalleled results for our clients

The Entire GI Energy Team

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"I'm living the dream, having installed a horizontal geothermal system connected to a heat pump in my house. It has been delivering all the heating for hot water and radiant heating for the past 8 years - and is integrated with 20kW of solar PV!"

Tony Amis

SVP, Business Development

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"As well as being the first step towards realizing my goal of world domination, working with our clients inspires me to devise better energy solutions within an ever changing energy landscape."

Tim Banach

VP, Development

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"Supporting the re-balancing of the historically asymmetrical relationship with traditional utility companies provides constant challenge and satisfaction."

Jeff Bogg

SVP, Service Solutions

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“I am grateful that GI Energy has provided me an opportunity to have exposure to all areas of accounting, finance, and upper management decision making so early into my career.”

Jason Byrnes

Senior Accountant

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“The most enjoyable aspect of my role is the opportunity it gives me to dive into technology and policy research – from the refrigeration cycle to new building codes – I’ve Googled it all!”

Alexandra Caryotakis

Analyst, Development

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“I love that art and creativity is brought into my professional life. To devise a solution that is financially viable, agreeable to stakeholders, environmentally positive and innovative is as much an art as it is a science.”

Aksheya Chandar

Analyst, Development

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"I love that I'm learning so much - the team are constantly teaching me new skills to help me with my future within the industry"

Charlotte Dick


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“Pioneering new energies in the US can be heady stuff. The best thing about GI Energy is that we get to try new things. We study the rules of the game, then innovate. And when the rules occasionally don’t work, we work on innovating those, too.”

Peter Falcier

VP, Analytics & Regulatory Affairs

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"I love good service and power generation - electrical, mechanical and thermal."

Evert Fink

VP, Service Solutions

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“When man created fire for light and comfort he also greatly increased his carbon footprint on the planet. My goal is to reduce that carbon footprint while still delivering the energy needed for light and comfort”.

North Hefley

VP, Business Development

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"I am continuously driven by the passion of our team to build clean energy infrastructure that reduces carbon emissions and paves the way for future sustainable development."

Rob Hellman

Business Development Associate

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“Working on our Business Development team has allowed me to see first hand the exciting opportunities that exist within the alternative energy sector and how primed our company is to make a difference.”

Jeff Lepley

Business Development Associate

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“I am passionately driven to be on the front line of the energy revolution delivering bottom line value by enhancing our Supply Chain capabilities to deliver high quality, safe, sustainable and competitive solutions.”

Matt McLaughlin

Supply Chain Manager

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“Being part of the fast-developing, vital world of renewable energy is a change of pace and a breath of fresh air after 40 years in the investment business. GI Energy US has a lot to say, a lot to offer, and the backing to make it count.”

Jon Passmore

Senior Sales Consultant

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"We are pushing the boundaries of what can be accomplished in the distributed generation space. Technology and regulations are evolving very quickly, we bring solutions to our clients that would have been impossible only a few years ago."

James Robinson

Director, Development

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“Helping my clients save on energy costs while improving the environment and reducing carbon emissions makes my role very satisfying”

Leti Rodriquez

Sales Manager, Service Solutions

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"I get to come onto the field when the real work needs done! I have the distinct pleasure of executing the team's vision. I really am building the future"

Bobby Sciortino

Project Manager

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"I am inspired every day by the talent of my peers and the ambition of our clients driving us to a clean energy future."

Corina Solis

Senior Analyst, Development

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"I support our Service Solutions team, making sure the administrative parts of a project go smoothly so everyone can focus on the energy solution"

MyLiem Truong

Service Administrator

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"Over the last 3 years I've listened to conversations across our client sectors changing from 'you do what? Why would I need that?' to 'Awesome, I've heard of that - tell me more…' We are ever-better positioned to help shape the discussion."

Emma Walker

Director, Strategy & Marketing

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“What I love about my job is the ability to create and construct systems from nothing. You can see and measure your success when you see the smile on your client's face signing the job close-out letter.”

Amir Yanni

SVP, Construction & Project Management

What do I hope for? A geothermal loop in every foundation!